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Like Water

I did quite a bit of hiking this past summer. My camera and my journal were always present, sometimes I had company and sometimes not. I never thought of myself as a “landscape photographer”, but I’m sure other photographers can

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Trying To Fit In

What is this life we live? Consume, throw away, repeat. Stripes are in, spots are out. This lipstick, that haircut. Eyebrow trends are actually real. For what? What is the reward of being so vain and desperately needing to project

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Somewhere Between Earth and Sky

Transition by definition is; the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another. To think of the process in its totality is rather magnificent. I envision it as if we are catapulted off the earth

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The Feeling of Solitude

Greetings fellow fans and readers, I know I know, its been forever. I’ve had quite the adventure since my last post. Since then, I left LA and moved back to Chicago. The drive was lovely, it was mine and mine

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Lavender at the End of Summer

As some of you may know, I have relocated to Los Angeles, California. I also have a new website, which you can see here, ( In an effort to cope with my homesickness for Chicago, I have revisited some images

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The Morning After

The morning after you was when I began to lose myself

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What is ego anyway? The textbook definition says; “A person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance.” What is self-esteem? What is self-importance? A pedestal of sorts, where we all sit perched. While our ego delegates the day; what to wear, where

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How I Fall

I used to have this recurring dream where, I would get catapulted out into space and almost instantly start to descend. Right before I hit the sidewalk, I would wake up. I haven’t had this dream for quite a while.

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Breaking the Spell

Stand the fuck up and dust yourself off. The goddesses are still working hard. Open your eyes and relearn to see, you’ve been asleep for far too long. There is a great big world waiting for you to make your

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Things He Said

There once was a girl, who once loved a man. She gave and she gave, with very little given back. She saw through glasses made of roses, while washing the world with good intentions. One winter evening at a party

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