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Trying To Fit In

What is this life we live? Consume, throw away, repeat. Stripes are in, spots are out. This lipstick, that haircut. Eyebrow trends are actually real. For what? What is the reward of being so vain and desperately needing to project

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Letters From Home: Self-Portrait

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Insta-Looks: SPE Style

A student glancing at a book at the AIGA Book Publishers’ booth at the 2013 SPE National Conference. I like the floral print paired with the yellow background. So complementary…

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Insta-Looks: Houndstooth and Berets

Seen at Eisenberg’s Deli, NYC

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Insta-Looks: Fur Trimmed Coats and Curly Hair

Seen on the lower east side, NYC

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Gatsby Black and White

With my trip to New York right around the corner, the question remains, what to wear? This Gatsby era black and white striped dress is a go to classic ensemble, and very much spring of 2013. You can never go

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Chuck Taylor’s

A staple in my wardrobe, both versatile and comfortable. Chucks are classic, and in a class all by themselves. There is really nothing else that needs to be said. Chucks are awesome.

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The Vintage Tee

My last post inspired to me create a new blog series. Insta-Fashion, or Insta-Looks as I’ve decided to name this series. I’ve decided to use items in my own wardrobe mixing photos of the item a la carte along with

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The necktie. A staple in male and female fashion for centuries. The perfect accessory to add a masculine and distinguished look. Male, female, gay or straight. The necktie remains constant. From sixties skinny to fifties fat ties to bow ties.

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