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The Vintage Tee

My last post inspired to me create a new blog series. Insta-Fashion, or Insta-Looks as I’ve decided to name this series. I’ve decided to use items in my own wardrobe mixing photos of the item a la carte along with

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The necktie. A staple in male and female fashion for centuries. The perfect accessory to add a masculine and distinguished look. Male, female, gay or straight. The necktie remains constant. From sixties skinny to fifties fat ties to bow ties.

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The Future

Taking a break from my workflow to acknowledge my birthday. The more I think about the future, the more it becomes clear that this is a time for the snake to shed it’s skin and be renewed. This is a

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Up In the Air

Paying some respect to Mark Rothko, my favorite abstract painter. Taken from my window seat when I was flying home from Los Angeles.

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After a long hiatus, I refuse to allow the fact that I still don’t have a computer compromise my creativity anymore. Instagram is great, and I plan on making a zine this year of just my Instagram photos, titled either

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